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Welcome to the Woodham Scribblers website.

You might know us better as the Woodham Writers Group, formed in June 2002 on a picnic bench at Shaw Farm! Well a lot has happened since then, and in 2010 we got a brand new name.

The Scribblers are a mixed bunch who get together each Tuesday evening to share their work, have a laugh and generally indulge their writing passions. Most Tuesday's consist of the Scribblers sharing their homework (a short story including a list of words or phrases given the previous week), a twenty-minute challenge (using a single title to write a short story or poem) and generally just enjoying each others company.

Here you can Meet the Scribblers and read their work, Take a look at the other projects the Scribblers have been involved in and enjoy the latest rant in the Scribblers Soapbox

And if you decide you're a fan, you want to publish us, or you just want to come along and join in the fun, feel free to Contact the Scribblers too!!

To read any of the work on the webiste you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downladed for free here.

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