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Scribblers Projects

Each Tuesday the Scribblers get together and scribble. Sometimes the work is individual (which you can read in their profiles) but sometimes they work together on a bigger project. Here you can find details and stories from their most recent projects, plus a look at what else they've done in the last few years!

The Writing Beetle

Find out more about the weird and wonderful tales that are created as each Scribbler writes a chapter of a continuous story!

Group Competitions

Find out more about what happens when the group compete against each other in our regular internal competitions!

The Bexford Mysteries

Find out more about the full length play written by the Scribblers!


From February 2004 to Autumn 2005 the Scribblers produced a newsletter of their work and distributed it to Doctor's & Dentists Waiting Rooms, Libraries, Community Centres and local businesses around South Woodham, Danbury & Burnham.

The Annual

In November 2002, the Scribblers released an annual of their work to raise money for Children In Need. The book was so popular that a second edition was released in 2004. Collectively, the books raised almost 900 for the charity.


In December 2004, the Scribblers wrote a pantomime which was performed on local radio station Dream 107.7 (now Chelmsford Radio). The panto aired in short episodes everyday in the week leading up to Christmas, and was repeated across the day on Christmas Day.