January 10th, 2011

Hi all,

Well done Jo, Sue and Peter on on coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the challenging 2010 intriguing, short-story competion.

A difficult task set by Matt produced some very interesting stories with different interpretations to the song titles we were given.

Well done to all who entered, i am very proud to be a member of such a talented group of people!

 All the best Maria.

Well Done

January 5th, 2011

Well done Jo and the runners up for the Xmas 2010 Challenge, very deserving I am sure. Hope I get to read them at some point.

See you next week.

Scribbling Linda

Snow has arrived, its stopped the traffic, its made us shiver, its dirtying our cars and making some of fall BUT we love it anyway!!!

November 30th, 2010

Hot hot hot!!!

July 9th, 2010

Am at work now and boiling hot,I could do with going home

I could be in the garden, tanning by the gnome!

For a good excuse to leave here, I am at a loss

It’ll have to be good one coz my husband is the boss!!


short poem in progress

July 1st, 2010
I sat upon the grassy mound
With a quill between my fingers.
The quill began to quiver,
As the blood flowed through my veins.
As I felt the pumping,
I realised something new.
It doesn’t matter who I am,
As I am loved by you.

I sat upon the grassy moundWith a quill between my fingers.The quill began to quiver,As the blood flowed through my veins.
As I felt the pumping,I realised something new.It doesn’t matter who I am,As I am loved by you.


Hi all

July 1st, 2010

Our world cup hopes are still in the, whose to blame stage, so we have removed the flags from windows, cars, bikes, scooters etc. England tee shirts and tops are relegated to the bottom of the drawer in shame until the next time.

Now all our hopes are pinned on Murray winning Wimbledon, but i won’t hold my breath, although Fedderer is out, so who knows????

Personally i cant wait until all my normal programmes on tv are returned to their usual slots, because not only are we subjected to the football game, but the endless drivel from the so call football experts on the panel. So ninety minutes often turns into three hours of idiots with their own bias going over and over a goaless draw! ahhhhhhhh

Also my husband insists on watching them and can’t understand why i turn the tv over when he falls asleep!!zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

By for now, may even watch some tennis on the box!

from a grumpy old woman,



Ta Folks!

June 16th, 2010

Thanks to all who attended the meeting  this week at my place.

I will see you on my return from France after a much needed week of rest relaxation.


Iiiiiiiin One

June 16th, 2010

In the absence of anything good on TV this World Cup season (oh yeah, I’m not a football fan – deal with it!) I’m currently watching a re-run of Bullseye on Challenge +1

It’s one of those gameshows that you look back on and wonder quite what the attraction was. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Bullseye as a kid, and I’d be regularly sat down on a Sunday evening for a bit of Bully with my Uncle Jim. But nowadays it all seems very tame.

And I think part of it is probably the prizes. Tonight’s ep has the following on offer:

In 1 – A washing Machine
In 2 - A bronze darts player
In 3 – A slow cooker
In 4- A multi-coloured Vacuum cleaner
In 5 – An electric hamper
In 6 – A Portable TV
In 7 – A mountain bike
In 8 – A 25 piece Dinner service
And Bully’s Special Prize – A Midi Hi-fi and CD

Then of course you get the option to gamble it for the star prize a two door blue Ford Fiesta.

But seriously…..if in this age of a Million Pounds on that Chris Tarrant show, or a Quarter of A Million for defeating the Deal or No Deal Banker, does a multi-coloured vacuum cleaner really feel like a must have?

Actually… can do. In my day job we are constantly getting requests from children who are dying to take part in Jungle Run. Yes, the gameshow where kids run around a jungle, crystal maze style-ee, before tackling the big challenge to win top prizes is still a big hit, some five or six years on from some of the earlier series we show.

So what do today’s kids think they can win? The top prize is a Mini Disc player. Mini Discs were going to be the new CDs before MP3’s came along and gazumped them.  You struggle to find blank Mini-discs these days let alone mini discs with stuff on already. And yet still kids want to take part in a gameshow that appears to be offering this?

Perhaps it’s what your mother always told you as you were growing up. It’s not the winning or losing – it’s the taking part that counts. And when the top prize is a two door blue Ford Fiesta, I reckon mother had a point!

Matt – webmaster

Isn’t It Time They “Sexed Up” Election Results?

May 7th, 2010
(first posted Thursday night on Facebook)
Heading back from my Thursday night swimming lesson I discovered that they were announcing the results of the Chelmsford Constituency polls in a room at Riverside Ice & Leisure. This got me thinking, there’s so much more they could do to liven up proceedings somewhat.

For starters, of course, there’s the swimming pool. Line up all of the candidates then reveal the results in a way not that far departed from Man O’ Man, the cheesey 1990s game show hosted by Chris Tarrant (yeah, the one he doesn’t mention on his CV since he started Millionaire).

Of course, that is a little tacky, and has already been done before. Plus, it would be discriminatory as it would mean any potential candidate would have to know how to swim. Otherwise you get caught up in a drowning scandel and we could do without that.

So what about the Ice Rink? Line up the candidates under a spotlight on the rink like the Skate off in Dancing on Ice. It’s a little more classy then the Man O Man option, and as home to the Chelmsford Chieftans it’s used to handling big events that could get a little messy if the results are controversial.

But it’s not just the local stuff that could be sexed up. My current Facebook status (please do not vote, any votes cast now won’t be counted but may still be charge) suggests how we could learn from the finals of Big Brother, X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and more.

The Queen goes a little quiet this time of year. I learned today she can’t vote, so essentially will spend tonight twiddling her thumbs waiting for one of the party buffoons to rock up at Buck House and ask permission to form a parliament. For a laugh, maybe one day she could say no, but that’s kind of unlikely as anarchy would descend and it would all get a little messy.

But what about putting her to use? In a similar way to Davina McCall in the soon to be axed Big Brother, perhaps the Queen could announce the results to the party leaders live on TV.

“Big House of Commons, this is Her Majesty the Queen. You are live across one’s country, please do not swear. Nick, Gordon & David. The votes have been counted and verified and I can now reveal the WINNER of election 2010 is….” cue dramatic pause, “going to be revealed after the break.”

Of course, I would say that. I work for ITV and a commercial break whilst the country waits on tenterhooks for an election result would mean mega bucks!

Yeah, it’s long overdue that election results were something more then a group of men in suits applauded their rivals whilst masking their disappointment like runners up at the BAFTA’s.

Still, it’s too late for tonight, of course (unless we go down the Man O’ Man route – it would only require a slight extension to some cables), but maybe next time we could do something more showbiz with the whole thing. Newsreaders in virtual studios is all very nice……but just too dull for my liking. Think I’ll just pick up the result in the news tomorrow morning!

Matt – Scribblers Webmaster

Trip to Oxford

May 4th, 2010

Six of us went on a day’s trip to Oxford last week.  We were lucky it was a brilliantly sunny day, and not much on the M25, M4 and A40, perhaps because we set off from SWF early.  We left the people carrier at the park and drive and took the bus into the city. 

We were due to join our ‘Morse Tour’ after lunch so had a quick coffee before looking around the covered market and shopping area.  Whilst we were looking at the variety of small shops in the market, the men sussed out likely pubs, of which there are many, for lunch.  Then we met up and had excellent food in The Chequers, a very old pub tucked away and quite difficult to find, off the High Street.

Then we joined our Blue Badge Guide on the pre-booked tour.  It would take two hours, and we set out 18 of us in line with quite a pace around the streets of Oxford and the past trail left by Endeavour Morse.  Our guide was extremely well informed on all Dexter’s books, as well as the TV films. Also a good knowledge of the history of Oxford and its many interesting buildings, and of course the University colleges. 

We learnt many well known names that had also read here, including a few Prime Ministers, and went into Oreal College where, we sat in the dining hall and saw Kevin Whately’s famous ancestor’s name in the stained glass window.  Kevin playing the part of Morse’s side kick Lewis, who now has his own series after the demise of his boss.

We saw the Students’ Union Debate Chamber where countless famous people have held the imagination of hundreds, including Mandelo, but sadly could not go in.

At the end of the trip we were gasping  for a cuppa and found a small cafe for tea and carrot cake before wandering back to pick up the bus and return to the car park.

It was a great way to learn about somewhere new to us, and we will certainly go back  for another day to visit the museum, libraries and much more of this fascinating place, and of course we will watch all those Morse films once more now able to recognise all those buildings.

Jo Robson